Childcare Experience

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Ms. Holly

Holly learned to ski when she was 4 years-old and has always had a love for the mountains. While most kids grew up having boy band posters and favorite actors tapped to their wall, Holly hung up trail maps and pictures from Ski Magazine. A living example of the popular bumper sticker "I'm not a native but I got here as fast as I could!"  - Holly moved to Breckenridge to fulfill her ski bum destiny straight out of college and just never left.  Years later, Holly fills her time skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, camping and playing outside with her dog, Boo-ka!


Independent Babysitter in Breckenridge AKA Breckenridge Babysitter

Experienced babysitting ages 6months-early teens

6 years.

Camp Counselor at Pleasant Dale Park District

After School Program Coordinator & Birthday Party Coordinator

6 years

Volunteer Reading Tutor

Able to assist children with homework if they HAVE to do it on vacation!

1 year

Before & After School Care Teacher Bloomington Parks and Recreation

2 years

Childcare Experience

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Ms. Lisa

Lisa fell in love with the mountains and has spent the past 17 years sharing her love of the outdoors and passion for health and fitness with locals and visitors. Lisa returns to Maryland each summer to spend time with family at the beach.  She has an older and a younger brother and several nieces and nephews.  Lisa enjoys skiing, snowboarding, skinning, mountain biking and rock climbing.  She has two kitties - Sammi & Maggie - both adopted from the local shelter where Lisa volunteers.  Lisa owns a condo in Dillon Valley and has been a fitness instructor at the Silverthorne Recreation Center since 1999.


Lisa babysits locally for residents of Summit County.  She babysat for the Pastor of Elements Church and has volunteered for childcare at Elements.

Lisa is a ski/snowboard instructor at Ski Cooper and works with kids and adults.

Lisa has been background checked and fingerprinted through the Breckenridge Police Dept for Foster Care.   

Lisa was a volunteer mentor through "Big Brothers, Big Sisters" in Frederick, MD.  Lisa took her little sister to see the ocean for the first time.

Lisa is bilingual and has a B.A. in Spanish.

Lisa is CPR/AED & First Aid certified.

Lisa has lots of games, coloring books, animated videos, children's books, etc. to bring to appointments to keep your child entertained.

Available most evenings as well as some daytime hours.